Dr. Abigail Koppes, Principal Investigator

Welcome to ABNEL!

Research in the Advanced Biosystems for Neuroengineering Laboratory (ABNEL) focuses on neural engineering and the interface between neurons and surrounding tissues. Specifically ABNEL develops novel and transformative devices, biomaterials, and biophysical-based therapies for this aims. Current work centers on the gut, heart, and central/peripheral nervous system.

Please feel free to also visit our sister labĀ Laboratory for Neuromodulation and Neuromuscular Repair (LNNR)

Dr. Koppes receives a $500K NSF CAREER Award

Dr. Koppes receives a $500K NSF CAREER Award

Dr. Koppes was awarded a $500K NSF CAREER Award titled Defining the regulators of enteric plasticity in engineered microfluidic environments". A news article detailing the award can be found at the link below....