Dr. Abigail Koppes, Principal Investigator

Lab Social Activities

Lab goes on a winter retreat in Vermont

From left to right: Bill, Kyla, Jessica, Katelyn, Selina, and Bryan.

Enjoying a fresh snowfall, the ABNEL and LNNR labs spent the weekend near White River Junction, Vermont. The members split the time playing ultimate spoons, playing in the snow, skiing at Killington, and racing in Mario Kart. 

Some members of ABNEL take a photo with a dog!

From left to right: Jessica, Adam, Dr. Doggo, Kyla, and Kirstie. Dr. Doggo’s true name is unknown.

To remember the good times before we ended up on Zoom for awhile, here’s a photo of some ABNEL people with a dog! Dr. Doggo (self-named) was there for a Northeastern graduate student event just soaking in the attention.

LAB-sgiving Party!

From left to right: Jon (LNNR Lab), Kirstie, Clara (sig. other), Jessica, Jacob (sig. other), Bill (LNNR lab), Caroline, Kyla, Katelyn (LNNR lab), and Tess. Not pictured is Adam who had taken advantage of the commotion to grab seconds!

Everyone stuffed into Abby’s apartment and stuffed themselves with food for Labsgiving. While Caroline’s pumpkin pie didn’t quite make the last 100 steps safely into Abby’s apartment (it did make it onto the ground!), the food was great.

Rock Climbing!

From left to right: Tess, Jessica, Dr. Ryan (Koppes), Dr. Abigail Koppes, Jon, Adam, and Bill.

After the camping trip to New Hampshire was cancelled due to poor weather, the lab went indoors to go rock climbing! Everyone managed to make it down safely, but with some sore forearms the next day.

Baseball game at Fenway Park! (Sunburn included)

from left to right: Dr. Abby Koppes, Dr. Ryan Koppes, Adam, Jon (LNNR lab), Bill (LNNR lab), Jessica, David, and Tess.

Jessica’s White Sox lost to the Red Sox (woo!) The White Sox were up at first and looked to be winning it before the Red Sox came back and won. As said by one White Sox fan in the stands near us: “[The White Sox] always find a way to disappoint me”.

Best wishes to Francesco!

Best wishes to Francesco!

Francesco Fontana joined the lab as a visiting scholar over the winter from Italy and conducted experiments in magnetism on cells. He will hopefully defend his thesis in the coming months. Good luck Francesco!