Dr. Abigail Koppes, Principal Investigator

Bryan Schellberg

Over the past 30 years, organ-on-a-chip devices have emerged as a robust alternative to address the technological gaps associated with current in vitro and in vivo options used to investigate biological questions. Organ-chip models integrate three-dimensional tissue architectures in vitro to recapitulate organ-specific functions, such as liver metabolism and intestinal barrier function. Although organ-chips are rapidly gaining interest, more work is needed to encourage broad adoption across research and industry. Bryan’s work focuses on the technical development of organ-chip devices for real-time monitoring and modulation of cell culture conditions with the goal of improving organ-chip functionality.

Bryan joined ABNEL in the Fall of 2021 as a Chemical Engineering PhD student. Before joining the lab, he graduated with a BS in Chemical Engineering from the University of Rochester in 2021. At his undergraduate institution, Bryan’s research focused on polymer science and new materials discovery. While at Rochester, Bryan participated in a summer NSF Research Experience for Undergraduates, which shifted his interest to biomedical research.

B.S. Chemical Engineering
University of Rochester ’21
Rochester, NY

ABNEL Welcomes New PhD Students Bryan, Brent, and Kat

ABNEL Welcomes New PhD Students Bryan, Brent, and Kat

ABNEL welcomes Bryan Schellberg, Brent Buchinger, and Kat Nilov to the lab. Bryan (joined in January 2022) comes from the University of Rochester. Brent (joined in May of 2022) is from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. And the most recent addition, Kat (joined in...