Dr. Abigail Koppes, Principal Investigator

Kat Nilov

Interested in the overlap of space science and the gut-brain-axis, Kat will be taking the NASA SHINE class in 2023 to learn about radiation risk and impact on human health. This interest will lead to the development of stem-cell derived humanized models and eventually the investigation of exogenous forces impact on human nerve, gut, and microbiota response. She hopes to develop a deeper understanding of health challenges exhibited by those in space and on earth.

Kat began their PhD in chemical engineering with ABNEL this year, co-advised with Professor Luke Landherr. Prior to Northeastern, Kat completed their bachelors in chemical engineering with a minor in chemistry. She did research in the field of complex coacervates with the Sarah Perry Lab at UMass Amherst. Kat was also involved in projects developing microfluidic chips to synthesize and purify mRNA sponsored by the Craig Martin Lab at UMass. They are committed to making science safe and accessible, implementing pedagogical values in all their work.

B.S. Chemical Engineering
University of Massachusetts Amherst ’22
Amherst, MA

ABNEL Welcomes New PhD Students Bryan, Brent, and Kat

ABNEL Welcomes New PhD Students Bryan, Brent, and Kat

ABNEL welcomes Bryan Schellberg, Brent Buchinger, and Kat Nilov to the lab. Bryan (joined in January 2022) comes from the University of Rochester. Brent (joined in May of 2022) is from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. And the most recent addition, Kat (joined in...