Dr. Abigail Koppes,
Principal Investigator

Lab Alumni

Alumni – Post-Docs

Chris Bertucci: 2019 Regeneron Pharmaceuticals


Alumni – Graduate Students

Kyla Nichols: Chemical Engineering, PhD 2024
Currently at: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Post Doc)
Project: Modeling Enteric Nervous System Interactions with Surrounding Cell Types and Metabolites

Jessica Snyder: Bioengineering, PhD 2023
Currently at: Javelin Biotech
Project: Bioengineering the Intestinal Niche on a Chip: Investigating Signal Transmission Between the Epithelium and Enteric Neurons

Adam Bindas: Chemical Engineering, PhD 2022
Currently at: Xellar Biosystems (Scientist)
Project: Microphysiological Systems to Investigate Parkinson’s Disease and Elucidate Gut-Brain Axis Biology

Ben Carter: Bioengineering, MS 2022
Currently at: Pioneering Medicines (Associate Researcher)
Project: Effects of Inflammation on Lewy Body Formation in Parkinson’s Disease

Erika Wheeler: Bioengineering, MS 2022
Currently at: University of California, Davis (PhD Student)
Project: Characterization of sex-based differences in irritable bowel syndrome and irritable bowel disease

Joyce Song: Bioengineering, MS 2021
Currently at: Abiomed (Test Engineer II)

Kirstie Belanger: Chemical Engineering, MS 2021
Currently at: Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research (Scientist)
Project: Modeling cardiac innervation on chip

David Diaz Vera: Chemical Engineering, PhD 2020
Currently at: Sanofi (Scientist)
Project: A study of primary sensory neurons and Schwann cells sensitivity to visible light irradiation in vitro, and feasibility of a light inducible system in Schwann cells for neurite outgrowth enhancement in vitro

Tess Torregrosa: Chemical Engineering, PhD 2020
Currently at: Sanofi (Scientist, Gene Therapy)
Project: Mechanisms to Investigate the Nervous System: Genetic Engineering with Adeno-Associated Viruses

Caroline Mills: Chemical Engineering, MS 2020
Currently at: Ocular Therapeutix, Inc. (R&D Engineer II)
Project: Using magnetic and topographical cues to influence the growth of neuron extensions

Sanjin Hosic: Chemical Engineering, PhD 2019
Currently at: Bluebird Bio (Scientist)
Project: Harnessing Patient-Derived Organoids and Microfluidics to Investigate Cholinergic Regulation of the Epithelial Barrier

Marissa Puzan: Chemical Engineering, PhD 2019
Currently at: Pfizer (Senior Scientist)
Project: Development of an Innervated, Tissue Engineered Model of the GI Tract

Dan Ventre: Bioengineering, PhD 2019
Currently at: Seven Bridges Genomics (Technical Writer)
Project: Investigating the Mechanisms of Ultrasonic and Electrical Neuromodulation

Joshua Scaralia: Chemical Engineering, MS 2016
Currently at: Azzur Group (Technical Services Engineer)
Project: Decellularized retina ECM hydrogels for increased cellular migration and integration

Megha Kamath: Pharmaceutical Sciences, MS 2015
Currently at: National Institute of Health (Biology Research Assistant)
Project: Small intestinal models for drug delivery and tissue engineering


Alumni – Undergraduate Students

Rithika Raj Kumar Pradeep: Bioengineering, BS 2023

Jack Gelinas: Chemical Engineering, BS 2022

Sean Flannery: Chemical Engineering, BS 2022
Currently at: Blueprint Medicines (Formulations Contractor I)

Beth DiBiase: Chemical Engineering & Biochemistry, BS 2021
Currently at: Northwestern University (PhD Student, ChemE)

Bridie Eckel: Chemical Engineering, BS 2021
Currently at: Drexel University (PhD Candidate, Neuroscience)

Caroline Ghio: Chemical Engineering, BS 2021
Currently at: Johns Hopkins University (PhD Candidate, BioE)

Mary Lou Nadeau: Chemical Engineering, BS 2021
Currently at: Aerodyne Industries LLC (Chemical Engineer II)

Nicole Marco: Chemical Engineering, BS 2021
Currently at: Circe (Fermentation Engineer)

Ryan Svendsen: Chemical Engineering, BS 2021
Currently at: Lockheed Martin (Senior Research Engineer)

Taylor Lynch: Bioengineering, BS 2021

Audrey Lee: Chemical Engineering, BS 2020

Avery Cluff: Bioengineering, BS 2020

Meron Wonderad: Chemical Engineering, BS 2020

Will Lake: Chemical Engineering, BS 2020

Alon Duval: Chemical Engineering, BS 2019

Brooke Wojeski: Chemical Engineering, BS 2019

Minhal Ahmed: Chemical Engineering, BS 2019
Currently at: Harvard Medical School (MD Candidate)

Nicholas Phelan: Chemical Engineering, BS 2019

David Urick: Chemical Engineering, BS 2018

Mina Iskarous: Chemical Engineering, BS 2018

William Cisneros: Chemical Engineering, BS 2018

Yang Lin: Chemical Engineering, BS 2018

Emily Ashbolt: Medical Physics, BS 2017

Rachel ShapiroChemical Engineering, BS 2017
Currently at: Johns Hopkins University (PhD Candidate, ChemE)


Dr. Ryan Koppes Presents at FluidicMEMS Meetup

Dr. Ryan Allen Koppes presented his lab's work at the FluidicMEMS Meetup this past Thursday. This event (held in the Samberg Center at MIT) was organized by FluidicMEMS, a dynamic community focused on bringing together individuals with a passion for microfluidics and...

Dr. Kyla Nichols Earns her PhD

Dr. Kyla Nichols Earns her PhD

Congratulations to Dr. Kyla Nichols for successfully defending her thesis. Kyla joined ABNEL back in the Fall of 2019, and she began her lab work just as the pandemic hit. However, despite this set back, she fully utilized her time in lab, investigating both the...