Dr. Abigail Koppes,
Principal Investigator

Bryan Schellberg Successfully Proposes

Bryan Schellberg, graduate student of both Drs. Abigail and Ryan Koppes, successfully defended his research proposal this past May. This defense earned him the title of “PhD Candidate”! We all look forward to watching Bryan’s work unfold as he fulfills his proposed research goals.

Dr. Ryan Koppes Presents at FluidicMEMS Meetup

Dr. Ryan Allen Koppes presented his lab's work at the FluidicMEMS Meetup this past Thursday. This event (held in the Samberg Center at MIT) was organized by FluidicMEMS, a dynamic community focused on bringing together individuals with a passion for microfluidics and...

Dr. Kyla Nichols Earns her PhD

Dr. Kyla Nichols Earns her PhD

Congratulations to Dr. Kyla Nichols for successfully defending her thesis. Kyla joined ABNEL back in the Fall of 2019, and she began her lab work just as the pandemic hit. However, despite this set back, she fully utilized her time in lab, investigating both the...